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Customs and Excise Register of Sea Fishing Boats

Olsens Almanac

Scottish Fishermens Almanac

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Owners & Port History
 WK 73
( chronological order)
Name:  As BF 152 Rose in June  

1. Owner: John Watt (Skipper), Fisherman; John James George, Solicitor; Goerge Stephen, Boatbuilder; Alexander Brodie, Solicitor; William Crawford, Gentleman.

Rose in June  
Official Number: 

Port: Macduff


As WK 73 Rose in June

  2. Owner: 1932 D Plowman  
 Built:  Port: Wick  
1919 Banff 3. Owner: 1937 Walter Sutherland and others.  
Type of Vessel:  Port: Wick  
 Sail and motor Ketch, 2nd class, 5 men and 1 boy, nets and lines. 4. Owner: 1948 Helen McBeath and others  
Dimensions: Port: Wick  
  38.0 ft. lok., 40.0ft. loa., 15.5ft.b., 5.8ft.d. 5. Owner: 1949 W Taylor and others  
Tonnage:  Port: Wick  
  16.18grt., 16.18nrt. 6. Owner: 1956 Elizabeth J L Taylor and others  

Port: Wick


As WK 73 Rose in June

 Sail and motor

7. Owner: A Watt and others.



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 1931 to 1960c      


 1919 December 31st completed and registered BF 152 Rose in June.

1931 Banff registry closed vessel sold to Wick

1931 registered WK 73 Rose in June.

1961 by, possibly sold to Lerwick and registered LK 332 Rose in June