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Customs and Excise Register of Sea Fishing Boats
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Owners & Port History
 BF 453
( chronological order)
Name:  As BF 453 Nimrod  

1. Owner: John Findlay (Skipper), David Gardiner, James Gardiner and David Eaton Gardiner; all of Cullen in the County of Banff, Fishermen until 1933 May 2nd.

Official Number:  Port: Cullen  
  2. Owner: David Eaton Gardiner (Skipper) of 13 Blantyre Street, Andrew Innes of Albert Terrace, Grant Gardiner, Maggie Bella Gardiner; all of Cullen in the County of Banff, Fishermen from 1933 May 2nd.  

Port: Cullen


As WK......

1932 Cullen 3. Owner: John Douglas Sutherland (Skipper), Fisherman and James Levack, Butcher, both of Lybster in the County of Caithness.  
Type of Vessel:  Port: Lybster.  
 Sail and Motor Lugger, 2nd class, nets and lines, 4 men. 4. Owner:   
Dimensions: Port:   
  45.0ft. loa., 14.0ft.b., 5.0ft.d. 5. Owner:   
Tonnage:  Port:   
  14.18grt., 14.18nrt. 6. Owner:   
Propulsion:  Port:   

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 1932 to 1936      


 1932 October 14th., registered BF 453 Nimrod.

1936 February 26th Banff registry closed, vessel sold to Lybster.

1936 registered WK.......