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Customs and Excise Register of Sea Fishing Boats
Port Letters & No: 
Owners & Port History
 FR 142
( chronological order)
Name:  As PD 665 Good Hope  

1. Owner:James Stephen of 22 Cairnbulg

Good Hope  
Official Number: 

Port: Cairnbulg


As FR 142 Good Hope

  2. Owner: James Stephen of 22 Cairnbulg  
 Built: 1887 James Taylor Rosehearty
Port: Cairnbulg  
  3. Owner: Possible change of owner 1912 November 18th  
Type of Vessel: 



As A 572 Good Hope

 Open boat, 2nd class, 2 men, lines. 3rd class while registered PD and A 4. Owner: Robert Walker of 15 Ferry Road Aberdeen until 1915 October 6th  
Dimensions: Port: Aberdeen  
  15.0ft.lok 17.0ft. loa., 6.3ft.b., 2.1ft.d. 5. Owner: James Wyness of 2 New Road Footdee Aberdeen  
Tonnage:  Port: Aberdeen  
  1.01grt., 1.01nrt. 6. Owner:   
Propulsion:  Port:   
 One mast, lug sail.    

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 1892 to 1913      


 1887 September 13th registered PD 665 Good Hope

1892 October 7th Peterhead registry closed, registry transferred to the new FR registry

1892 October 11th registered FR 142 Good Hope

1913 June 11th Fraserburgh registry closed, vessel sold to Aberdeen

1913 June 12th registered A 572 Good Hope

1915 October 7th registry closed, vessel no longer engaged in fishing