Sunday 4th July 1915




Monday 5th July 1915



Tuesday 6th July 1915

 The Hull trawler H 430 Edison was wrecked on the Isle of Lewis while on Admiralty service. For furter details of the vessel courtesy of click on her name above.

The Aberdeen trawler A 97 Strathgarry sank after a collision with the battleship HMS Monarch at Scapa while on Admiralty service.




Wednesday 7th July 1915

 The Grimsby trawler GY 742 Cheshire sank 50 miles East by South of Spurn head after striking a mine. The crew of eight were lost.

William Robert Poole: Skipper

Sydney Wilfred  Bates: Trimmer, 22

James Reed Campbell: Second Engineer, 50

Edward Kelly: Deckhand, 54

John Christopher Mitchell: Second Hand, 50

George Reed: Cook, 54

James Vereker: Deckhand, 21

Harold Vincent: Third Hand, 20




Thursday 8th July 1915


Friday 9th July 1915




Saturday  10th July  1915