Sunday 23rd May 1915




Monday 24th May 1915



Tuesday 25th May 1915





Wednesday  26th May 1915





Thursday 27th May 1915

 The Grimsby trawler GY 399 Rolulo was wrecked on Obb Rock, Isle of Lewis while on hire to the Admiralty. For further information, courtesy of euwrecksite click on the vessel's name above.

Friday 28th May 1915




Saturday  29th May 1915

 The Scarborough trawler SH 12 Condor sank after striking a mine 30 miles North East of Scarborough. The skipper and crew of eight were lost.

Robert Heritage, Skipper.

Robert James Appleby, 16, Cook

John Chamberlain Barker, 27, Second Hand.

Robert Duncanson Cammish, 20, Deck Hand.

John Thomas Carsey, 19, Deckhand.

Thomas Donkin, 17, Trimmer.

James Robert Hunter, 25, Second Engineer.

Frederick Nathan Mills, 38, Chief Engineer.

Arthur Houghton Wright, 24, Third Hand.