Sunday 25th April 1915

 Aberdeen trawler A 113 Balmedie sank after a collision in the Dardanelles while on hire to the Admiralty.



Monday 26th April 1915

 The Grimsby trawler GY 668 Recolo sank after striking a mine 60 miles East by North from Spurn Point Two of her crew were killed.

Fred Aisthorpe, 23, Trimmer

Robert F Smith, 36, Second Engineer.



Tuesday 27th April 1915





Wednesday  28th April 1915

 The North Shields trawler SN 38 Lilydale was stopped and sunk by U 10 (Commander:Fritz Stuhr) 37 miles East of St Abbs Head.




Thursday 29th April 1915


Friday 30th April 1915

 It was reported that the King had the silver medal for gallantry in saving life at sea to the following:

Alfred Jenner skipper of the Lowestoft steam drifter LT 125 Homeland in recognition of his services in rescuing one of the crew of the submarine D5 which was lost in the North Sea on 3rd November 1914 and;

Pierre Marie Bernable mate and Alexandre Marie Thouot, seaman of the ketch Eugenie of Lannion in recognition of their services in the rescue of the crew of the Lowestoft trawler LT 1013 White Heather when she foundered in the English Channel on 14th February 1915.



Saturday  1st May  1915

 The Hull trawler H 42 Columbia sank after being torpedoed by a German Torpedo Boat Destroyer off Thornton Ridge Foreness while on hire to the Admiralty. For further detail, courtesy of euwrecksite, click on the vessels name above.

The Lowestoft steam drifter LT 1198 Rosevine rescued the crew of the French collier Europe when she was sunk by U3 (Commander:Erich von Rosenberg-Grusczski) 3 miles Northwest of Bishop Rock.