Sunday 18th April 1915

 The Grimsby trawler GY 202 Vanilla was sunk (probably by a mine) approximately three miles South West of the Swarte Bank. The skipper and crew were all lost.


Thomas Burnett, 58, Skipper

George Cruise, 42, Chief Engineer

Richard Ducker, 47, Trimmer

Robert Lovelock, 51, Deckhand

John Maney, 40, Mate

William May, 46, Deck Hand

Arthur McCarthy, 50, Cook

Charles Phillips, 29, Second Engineer

Frederick Saunders, 47, Third Hand




Monday 19th April 1915

 The Admiralty hired trawler H M T Rhodesia (H 443) was wrecked near Stornoway. For further detail courtesy of euwrecksite click on the vessels name above.


Tuesday 20th April 1915





Wednesday  21st April 1915





Thursday 22nd April 1915

 The Grimsby trawler GY 1131 St Lawrence was captured and sunk by U 22 (Commander:Bruno Hoppe) 88miles East 1/2 South of Spurn Light Vessel. The British press alledged that the U boat drove off the Grimsby trawler GY 773 Fermo with gunfire when she attempted to rescue the crew of the St Lawrence. The Grimsby trawler GY 250 Queenstown rescued the survivors; two of the St Lawrence' crew were lost.

The Grimsby trawler GY 1182 Cancer was sunk, probably by a torpedo boat in the North Sea. The crew were taken prisoner.

Friday 23rd April 1915




Saturday  24th April   1915