Sunday 4th April 1915

 The Ramsgate trwaler R 217 went ashore below the cliff at Fairlight. She was later refloated and towed to Rye.



Monday 5th April 1915

 The Grimsby trawler GY 383 Acantha was stopped and sunk by U 10 ((Commander: Fritz Stuhr) for further details of U 10, courtesy of click on her name) 25 miles East by North of Longstone. See also detail courtesy of euwrecksite. The crew who had taken to their small boat were rescued by the Swedish steamer Tord.


Tuesday 6th April 1915





Wednesday  7th April 1915

 The Grimsby trawler GY 211 Virginian was seriously damaged by fire while in drydock in Dundee for repairs.

The Grimsby trawlers GY 177 Pinewold and GY 1136 Ruby witnessed the loss of GY 573 Zarina as a result of a massive explosion on the fishing grounds. It was not known if she was torpedoed or struck a mine but the explosion was so great that she was lifted right out of the water. Her crew were all lost.

The Grimsby trawler GY 573 Zarina sank 72 miles East by North from Spurn Head after striking a mine laid by SMS Strasburg on January 14th 1915.




Thursday 8th April 1915


Friday 9th April 1915




Saturday  10th April   1915

 A new steam trawler to the order of Mr Philip Belman, Liverpool, was launched from the yard of Messrs Alexander Hall & Co., Ltd., Aberdeen. She was named A 298 Phyllis Belman by Mrs Nightingale, wife of the skipper. For more detail on the trawler, courtesy of Granton Trawlers, click on her name.