Sunday 21st March 1915




Monday 22nd March 1915



Tuesday 23rd March 1915

 The new steam drifter FR 148 Jessie Tait, built by Messrs Scott and Yule Fraserburgh, left for Aberdeen under tow to be fitted with triple expansion engines by Messrs John Lewis and Sons. She was built to the order of Messrs Alexander Duncan and Sons, Inverallochy and George Walker, Sailmaker, Fraserburgh.

It was reported that the IJmuiden trawler IJM 109 John Brown had sighted a drifting lifeboat marked 'SS Askur Bergen'.

The Grimsby trawler GY 831 Kestrel returned to port and reported that on Sunday last whilst fishing in the North Sea two mines became entangled in his nets. The skipper put his ship full astern for half an hour in an attempt to clear the mines. This had no effect and he then cut his gear away. He described the experience as ' most trying '.

The wreck of the Hull trawler H 1021 Lord Londesborough was advertised for sale by auction where she lay on the rocks at Whitelink Bay near Inverallochy, Cairnbulg Railway Station. She was sold on the 27th for £203 to John Williamson of Frserburgh.




Wednesday  24th March 1915





Thursday 25th March 1915

 The Lowestoft drifter LT 127 Angelina arrived at Newlyn with a seriously injured crewman. Whilst hauling their nets off the Scillies he was drawn in between the ropes and the capstan and badly crushed.

Friday 26th March 1915

 It was reported that the Boulogne trawler B 2680 Alprecht had arrived at dartmouth and reported that he had been attacked by a submarine ten miles East of the Royal Sovereign lightship. A torpedo was fired but it passed just fifteen feet from his stern.

The Boulogne trawler B? La Vague arrived at Dartmouth with a lifeboat from the Dutch vessel Medea. It was found floating ten miles South of Beachy Head,



Saturday  27th March 1915

 It was reported that Lieut. Charles Iverson RNVR had been appointed to HM Drifter White Oak (FR 558) which was on hire to the Admiralty.

 The King presented a number of medals at Buckingham Palace. Among these he awarded the Distinguished Service Cross to Lieutenant C V Crossley RNR of the Mine Sweeping Service. On 19th December 1914 three mines exploded under and close to his ship HMT Star of Britain (an Aberdeen trawler A 239). He crawled into the space in the stern where the shaft is housed and identified and temporarily repaired several serious leaks which probably saved his ship. The Star of Britain survived the War and went on to serve again in WW II.

The Grimsby trawler GY 144 Ottilie rescued 20 of the crew of the Yeoward Steamer Aguila after she was torpedoed 47 miles South West of the Smalls by U 28 (( Commander Georg-Gunther von Forstner) for further detail courtesy of click on name)