Sunday 7th March 1915




Monday 8th March 1915

 Thirty Moray Firth men currently in the crews of hired Drifters based in Inverness are reported to have volunteered for special duty in the Mediterranean. It was believed that they would be serving on trawlers.

The cook of the steam drifter Diadem, Harley Smith was rescued, by his shipmates, from the dock at Penzance after he slipped and fell in whilst returning to his boat.

The Grimsby trawler GY 4 Okino was sunk by a mine in the Gulf of Smyrna, Dardanelles while on hire to the Admiralty.


E Appleyard, Deckhand RNR

C Beer, Signal Boy, RNR

R T Cummings, Deckhand RNR (age 24, of 43 Victoria Road, Torry, Aberdeen)

E A Fisher, Second Hand RNR

T Hill, Deckhand RNR

B S Ingram, Deckhand RNR

W R Nichol, Deckhand RNR (age 21, of 77 Victoria Road, Torry, Aberdeen)

A Shepherd, Trimmer, RNR ( age 25, of 36 Jasmine Terrace, Aberdeen)

W Smith, Engineman second class RNR

A J Wright, Petty Officer second class


Tuesday 9th March 1915

 The Boulogne trawler B 2610 Gris-Nes was stopped and sunk by gunfire by U 35 (Commander: Waldemar Kophamel) 20 miles Wets South West of Beachy Head. The crew were rescued by the Ramsgate trawler R 174 Cosmopolite.

 Following an accident in which a destroyer was damaged when it collided with fishing gear within the fishery limits eighteen skippers appeared in the Sheriff Court in Cupar. They were:

Marting Gardner of 18 Fowler St., Cellardyke, skipper of the steam drifter KY 693 Vanguard III.

John Muir, 'Keay' of 29 Shore Street Cellardyke, skipper of the steam drifter KY 150 Camperdown.

David Reekie, of George's Terrace, St Monans, skipper of the motor boat ML 301 Bounteous Sea.

David Smith of 20 Miller's Terrace, St Monans, owner and skipper of the motor boat KY 640 Vesper.

John Allan jnr., of 2 George's Terrace St Monans skipper of the sail boat ML 140 Johan.

William Davidson of East Shore St Monans, skipper of the KY 1 Mary Duncan.

Robert Aitken Braehead St Monans, skipper of steam drifter KY 143 Camelia

Thomas Bett of 3 Fowler Street, skipper of the steam drifter KY 139 Scot.

Henry Bett of 3 Fowler Street, skipper of the steam drifter KY 253 Breadwinner

Robert Anderson of Burnside Terrace Cellardyke skipper of the motor boat ML 16 Sunbeam.

George Davidson of 3 Backgate St Monans, skipper of the motor boat ML 132 Ebeneezer

Thomas Guthrie of 38 Miller's Terrace, St Monans skipper of the sail boat KY 303 Good Design

William Wood 13 George's Terrace St Monans skipper of the sail boat ML 205 Barbara Wood

William Mayes, of Broad Wynd St Monans skipper of the motor yawl Sceptic

James Hughes Wood, Pittenweem skipper of the sail boat KY 650 Never Can Tell

Thomas Colville fisherman of 2 South Street Dysart

David Colville fisherman of 40 Fitzroy Street Dysart

David Anderson, 'Muir' of Mid Shore Pittenweem

The Sheriff expressed his regret at having to sentence such upstanding men but said that he needed to ensure that the Fishery Limits were enforced. Fines ranging from £3 to 3 shillings were handed down. The Sheriff warned that if the regulations continued to be flouted the fishery would be closed completely and he reminded the skiipers that they could have been fined £100.


The Yarmouth steam drifter YH 305 Ocean Harvest, which was on hire to the Admiralty rescued the surviving crew of the steamer  Princess Victoria after she was sunk by the U Boat U 20 (Commander: Walther Schwieger).



Wednesday  10th March 1915

 The Grimsby trawler GY 837 Tribune went ashore off the coast of Iceland. All the crew were saved.

TheGrimsby trawler GY 585 Manx Hero was sunk by a mine in the Mediterranean while on hire to the Admiralty.




Thursday 11th March 1915

 The Lowestoft drifter LT 480 Wenlock rescued the crew of the steamer Florazan after she had been sunk bu U 20 (Commander: Walther Schwieger). Assistance was also rendered by the Whitby steam drifter WY 165 Oburn and the Lowestoft steam drifter LT 33 Faithful Friend who tried to tow the Florazan to shore. She eventually foundered and sank.

Friday 12th March 1915

 When nine miles North West of Eddystone the Brixham Smack Sans Pariel attempted to ram a submarine which was just coming to the surface. The U Boat crew spotted them and dived to safety.



Saturday  13th March 1915

 The Lowestoft steam drifter LT 1062 G M V sank after collision off Larne whilst on hire to the Admiralty. She is also recordeded as having struck a mine.

The Fleetwood trawler FD 154 Adventure  (click on name for additional info courtesy of Bosun's Watch) put into Ramsay IOM with a ships boat and the body of Chief Petty Officer Herbert Benjamin Williams from the Isle of Wight. These both came from the armoured cruiser Bayano which had been torpedoed on Thursday 11th by U 27 (Commander: Bernd Wegener), with the loss of 196 lives, 3 miles off Corsewall Point.

A new trawler was launched from the yard of Messrs Livingstone and Cooper, Hessle. She was named Miletus ( later registered H 366) by Mrs H Field, wife of the owner.