Sunday 7th February 1915




Monday 8th February 1915



Tuesday 9th February 1915

James H Dawson, Trimmer, RNR, TS  1334, of hired trawler H 980 Onward, fell between the pier and the Liverpool tug Stormcock in Peterhead. Although he was rescued he died later of his injuries.





Wednesday  10th February 1915

 Grimsby trawlers GY670 Relevo and GY 247 Bombay landed the survivors of the Norwegian steamer Frigga which had been wrecked on Hasborough Sands.


Aberdeen trawler A 534? Vigilant while fishing 10 miles off Aberdeen saw an incident where the chain to the trawl door parted throwing fireman   Peter Leask of 32 Marquis Road, Aberdeen, against the winch rope breaking his leg.

The Aberdeen liner A 523 Sceptre was sold this day to Dundee for £3920. This was regarded as being a very high price caused by the shortage of boats and the high price of fish.




Thursday 11th February 1915


Friday 12th February 1915




Saturday 13th February 1915

 Hired trawler GN 80 Bedouin sunk after hitting mine off Tory Island.