Sunday 31st January 1915

 The Boulogne trawler Semper rescued the 57 man crew of the British steamer Tokomaru which sank after an explosion eight miles off Cap de la Neva to the North of Le Havre. She was carrying a large cargo of New Zealnd mutton plus clothing and other items donated by New Zealanders to the Belgian refugees. She had been torpedoed by U 20 (Captain: Walther Schwieger).



Monday 1st February 1915

 It is reported that the Grimsby trawler GY 968 Balmoral is missing feared lost with all hands in the North Sea. She had left for the fishing grounds on 28th January and had not been heard of since.


The Lowestoft  trawling smack LT 349 Young Admiral put into to Lowestoft and reported the loss overboard of a crewman John Davis.


Tuesday 2nd February 1915





Wednesday  3rd February 1915

 Two new trawlers were launched from the yard of Hall Russell and Co., Ltd., Aberdeen. They were biult to the order of Aberdeen Steam trawling Co., Ltd., and were named Strathelliot ( A46 ) by Mrs Craig of Aberdeen and the Strathgairn( A 251 ) by Miss Cumming of Donald, Australia.

A new trawler was launched from the yard of Messrs., Cochrane and Sons Ltd, Selby. She was built to the order of Messrs The Grimsby Alliance Steam Fishing Co., Ltd., Grimsby and named Calvia( GY 456)  by Miss Doris Mitchell.




Thursday 4th February 1915


Friday 5th February 1915




Saturday  6th February  1915

 The Hull trawler H 255 Ribble went ashore a mile South of Holmpton near Withernsea in very poor weather. The crew were rescued by the Holmpton Rocket Brigade.

A number of Fishermen Heroes were presented with gallantry medals by the King among these were the skipper and crew of the Brixham smack Provident and the Eyemouth steam drifter BK 246 Faithful.

Skipper James Collin of the Faithful was awarded the Silver Medal for gallantry for entering a newly sown minefield to rescue the survivors from the Submarine D5 which had sunk after hitting one of the mines. The events had taken  place on 3rd. November 1914 when a German squadron laid the mines off Yarmouth and shelled the town. The D5 was in Yarmouth at the time of the attack and had left the port to pursue the German raiders.

After the presentation Skipper Collins reported ' After the King had pinned the medal on my chest he asked me if the mines were near the surface and I told him they were. He then told me I had acted very bravely and said something else but I was rather confused and could not catch what he said'


Thomas Ross, of Nelson Street Aberdeen, Chief Engineer on the Aberdeen trawler GW 26 Rose was lost overboard while trying to fix a waterproof cover on the engine room skylight in very severe weather off Sumburgh Head in Shetland. The Rose is owned by John S Boyle and operates from Aberdeen with a local crew.