Sunday 24th January 1915




Monday 25th January 1915



Tuesday 26th January 1915

 The Hull trawler H 1011 Specton, Skipper Thomas Deyes, in an act of extreme bravery, towed a mine, which had surfaced in the middle of the fishing fleet, 130 miles to Spurn Head where he handed it over to a Destroyer.

The skipper of the Dutch trawler IJM 21 Erica gave a vivid account of having been caught between the British and German fleets during a battle on the Dogger Bank. Similar reports came from the crew of H 876 Octavia.




Wednesday  27th January 1915





Thursday 28th January 1915


Friday 29th January 1915




Saturday  30th  January  1915

The Fleetwood smack FD 208 Margaret rescued the crew of the North Sheilds steamer Ben Cruachan which was stopped and sunk by U 21 in the Irish Sea . The Fleetwood trawler BH 81 Niblick rescued the crew of the steamer Linda Blanche which had also been sunk by U 21. Wreckage from a third sinking by U 21 was reported by a number of returning fishing boats. This proved to be the Belfast steamer Kilcoan.

At six o'clock in the evening eight steam trawlers which had left Fleetwood for the fishing grounds were 'pulled up' ten miles North of the Lure Buoy by the Fleetwood smack FD 146 Merry  Lass and informed of the sinkings. They immediately turned back and steamed for home.


It was reported that two new trawlers for the Government of New South Wales were fitting out at Grimsby. They were built by Smiths Dock Co., Ltd., South Bank, Middlesburgh and named the Brolga and Gunandaal and will be followed by a third, the Koraaga. They will be crewed by Grimsby fishermen who will teach the Australians the art of deep sea fishing.

It was reported that Arthur Hunn a deckhand on the North Shields trawler SN 3 Egyptian Prince lost a leg and hand when he was dragged into the vessels winch while fishing 70 miles off. His father Arthur Hann snr. was skipper of the vessel.