Sunday 3rd January 1915

 The Grimsby trawler GY 373 Limberg was refloated from the beach at Redcar and towed to the Tyne.



Monday 4th January 1915

 The press reported the following appointments of Reservists to the position of Temporary Skipper in the Trawler Section of the Royal Navy:

George A Wilson, David McCallum, James Watt, George M Mckay and John Watt. These are all believed to be young fishermen from the village of Macduff on the Moray Firth. David McCallum is the brother of Archibald McCallum, the Grandfather of the Sitemaster.

The new Hull trawler H 213 Stalwart returned from her maiden voyage with a catch which broke the grossing record at Hull. Her catch sold for £1990. The previous port record was £1880. (Other press reports indicated that her gross was £1729 falling short of the record held by the H 227 Dane)

The loss was reported in the press of the Lowestoft sailing trawler LT 83  Queen of Devon. She was assumed to have struck a mine.


Arthur Collins, Skipper

George Herbert Critten, 44, Second hand

George Church, 40, Third Hand

Arthur Collins jnr., 16, Fourth Hand



Tuesday 5th January 1915

 The Hull trawler H 371 St Malo(Skipper: Grantham) broke her port record with a landing which grossed £2195.




Wednesday  6th January 1915

 A new trawler was launched from the yard of Messers A Hall & Co Aberdeen. She was named Morococala by Miss Duthie daughter of the owner James Farquhar Duthie of Cliff Terrace, Buckie. The engines were supplied by John Lewis, Aberdeen.

Hired trawler GY 128 Banyers sunk by mine off Scarborough.Two of the crew lost. Her wreckage indicates that her stem was probably blown off.




Thursday 7th January 1915


Friday 8th January 1915

 The Lossiemouth steam drifter INS 504 Spynie Catle was destroyed by fire while berthed in Lossiemouth. Following the fire all that remained of her were the hull below the water line and her engine and funnel. Much of the gear was removed before it could be engulfed by the fire and there were no casualties.



Saturday  9th  January  1915