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Port Letters & No: 
Owners & Port History
 BCK 1
( chronological order)
Name:  As BCK 1 Handsome  

1. Owner: James Murray of Seaview Terrace, Fisherman and Skipper and George Bruce of Cluny Square, Boat Owner, both of Buckie in the County of Banff until 1946 May 7th.

Official Number: 

Port: Buckie


As FR 102 Handsome.

127036 2. Owner: Eric Simpson (or Sampson) of 191 Boulevard Hull, Arthur Edward Inkston of  101 ? Street Hull and Charles Buchan of 2 West Street, St. Combs. from 1946 May 7th until 1947?  


1907 John Hay Garmouth

Port: St Combs


As SY 706 Handsome

3. Owner: Murdo McLeod jnr., Stornoway and others.  
Type of Vessel:  Port: Stornoway  
 Steam screw ketch, 1st class, 8 men, nets and lines. 4. Owner:   
Dimensions: Port:   
   85 ft.loa.,  83ft,lok., 18.65ft.b., 9.25ft.d. 5. Owner:   
Tonnage:  Port:   
  83.99grt., 24.06nrt. remeasured to 34.96nrt. 6. Owner:   
Propulsion: Port:   
 Steam engine compound: 20nhp.    

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Radio Call Sign:       
 1940 to 1945      


 1907 October 18th., completed and registered BCK 1 Handsome.

1915, April on hire to Admiralty as Antisubmarine net vessel; Ad No 2214; fitted with one 6pdr gun.

1919 returned to owners.

1940 January on hire to Admiralty on harbour duties.

1945 September returned to owners.

1946 May 7th., Buckie registry closed vessel sold to Fraserburgh.

1946 registered FR 102 Handsome

1947 Fraserburgh registry closed vessel sold to Stornoway.

1947 registered SY 706 Handsome

1951? Stornoway registry closed vessel scrapped.