Sunday 20th December

Hired trawler GY 1165 Garmo sunk by mine off Scarborough. Skipper died of his injuries and five ratings were lost. Survivors were saved by HM Drifter Principal (PD 520).





Monday 21st December 1914



Tuesday 22nd December 1914





Wednesday  23rd December 1914

Grimsby trawler GY 273 Ocana sunk by mine 75 miles NE by E from Flamborough Head.

Skipper and crew of nine men lost; the Second Engineer John Rollinson was rescued having been found unconscious clinging to an upturned boat.




Thursday 24th December 1914


Friday 25th December 1914

Hired trawler GY 643 Night Hawk sunk by mine off Scarborough. The whole bottom of the boat was blown out  taking with it the engine and the six men who were below at the time. The skipper and six ratings were rescued.

The Dutch trawler IJM 157 Maria van Hattem (Skipper: Cornelius Conyu) rescued Commander Hewlett RN when he was forced to ditch his seaplane which had run out of fuel when he became lost in fog during a raid by 10 seaplane bombers on the German fleet at Cuxhaven. The Dutchman was unable to make his home port and land Commander Maxwell for seven days because of  severe adverse weather.




Saturday  26th December  1914

 Hired trawler H 35 Tom Tit wrecked at Peterhead. No lives were lost but the Peterhead lifeboat Alexander Tulloch was wrecked attempting a rescue and three of the crew were lost.

Hired trawler GN 70 Fair Isle wrecked at Sinclair Bay.No lives were lost and the trawler was later salved and reregistered as GY 820 Grimsby.