Sunday 29th November  1914




Monday 30th November 1914

 The fishing smack DE 6 Knights sank following a collision with PEH 3 Favourite off Dundee while prosecuting the sprat fishery. Her skipperAlexander Knight and his Mate Charles Gall had time to scramble into their dinghy before she sank. Alex Knight's father James Knight, the original skipper had been lost overboard from the Knights in October 13th 1913.


Tuesday 1st December 1914

 The Aberdeen steam trawler Ben Rinnes had a narrow escape when a mine exploded in her fishing gear which was blown to pieces.The vessel was badly shaken but undamaged. The Skipper John Cormack had been presented with £15 by the Admiralty the previous Friday in recognition of his role in rescuing crew members from HMS Hawke which had been torpedoed in the North Sea.

The line fishing fleet from Gourdon were caught in a severe Southerly gale and found great difficulty in regaining their home port. The motor boat ME 129 Frigate Bird, skipper John Stephen, got into difficulty and the crew were taken off byanother Gourdon boat the ME 196, skipper David Watt, which proceeded safely to Stonehaven. The abandoned Frigate Bird drifted onto rocks and was a total loss.




Wednesday  2nd December 1914

 With fishing being curtailed by the war fishermen have been seeking employment ashore. It is reported that a 'batch of 50' from East Coast ports have been employed in the steel works in Motherwell.

The new Johnshaven lifeboat, the James Marsh, successfully  ran her trials under the command of Coxswain Edward R McBay. She was reported to be a big improvement on her predecessor the Sarah Ann Holden.



Thursday 3rd December 1914

 In very bad weather the steam drifter BCK 50 Craigbo of Ianstown, Buckie, broke her moorings in Aberdeen harbour and drifted stern first out to sea. The steam drifter BF 496 Swiftwingof Banff put to sea in the hope of recovering her. This was achieved with great difficulty in the heavy seas and she was returned to port after four hours.

The German herring logger Berlin which was interned in Leith was sold for £210

The Australian research trawler Endeavour ( ON 132436?) left Macquarie Island bound for Hobart. The vessel and her crew of 21 were never seen again.

Friday 4th December 1914

 The smack BM 46 Doris May sank st the pierhead at Brixham having been towed their after a collision with the steam tug Dencade. She was later refloated and repaired.




Saturday  5th December  1914

 Fishing smack SH 145 Boy Wilkins was offered for sale.

The new Milford trawler Maristo made her first landing after her maiden voyage. She had been built by the Smiths Dock Trust at Middlesburgh to the order of Mr James Thomas. Her skipper was W Aldridge.