Sunday 22nd November  1914

 Hired Trawler GY 85 Condor lost off Lowestoft, believed mined or foundered.



Monday 23rd November 1914



Tuesday 24th November 1914





Wednesday 25th  November 1914

 Following the press reports on Friday 20th of mine danger in areas of the North Sea, Moray Firth and Scapa Flow, the Admiralty Office in Cromarty issued notice that the Moray Firth would be closed to vessels drawing mote than 10ft within a line from Tarbet Ness and Cromarty unless under a compulsory pilot. They warned that any vessel disregarding the instruction would be in grave danger and would forfeit its insurance.

Similar regulations were announced for the Humber area.



Thursday 26th November 1914


Friday 27th November 1914

 The Aberdeen trawler A 35 Monarch ran aground on sands to the North of the North breakwater at about 10pm. She was deemed to be in no immediate danger and the crew remained on board in the hope that she could be floated off on the next tide.

 The Grimsby trawler GY 87  Onward  landed the crew of the London steamer Khartoum which had been blown up by a mine on Thursday morning. The crew had taken to thier lifeboats and were picked up by the trawler.


Saturday 28th November  1914

 The Fishng news reported the launch, the previous week of the new trawler H 231 Marne by Messers Livingstone and Cooper Ltd of Hessle. She was built to the order of Messrs the East Riding Fishing Co Ltd and was named by Mrs Emmerson, wife of Captain Emmerson of the firm.