Sunday 25th October 1914




Monday  26th October 1914



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Wednesday  28th October 1914




Thursday 29th October 1914

The Grimsby trawler GY 272 Rosella struck a mine and sank in North Sea. The skipper and mate were lost. The remainder of the crew took to their lifeboat and were rescued by the Shields trawler SN 2  Reaper.

Ramsgate smack R 26 Our Tom sunk by mine 45 miles SE from Southwold. Crew of three lost:

Albert R Larkins, Skipper

Ted Maxted, Second Hand

George Haffenden, Third Hand


Friday 30th October 1914




Saturday  31st October 1914

 The Hull trawler H 599 St Lawrence is missing assumed lost. She was last seen on her homeward passage from Iceland, off the Scottish coast. She had not called at Stromness as instructed to receive a safe course back to the Humber. Date of loss later given as October 3rd.


Henry Addison Fletcher, Hull, Skipper.

James Benson, age 25, Hull, Spare Hand, son of the late Joseph and Elizabeth Benson.

Harold Lempkin Bott, Hull, Third hand.

George William Howlett, age 23, Hull, Fireman and Trimmer, son of Mary Jane McNulty (formerly Howlett) and the late George William Howlett; husband of Alice Maud Howlett ( nee Brooks) of 9 Hama S Terrace, Manchester Street, Hull.

Alfred Lee, age 40, Hull, First Engineer, Son of Mary Jane Lee and the late George Lee; husband of Harriet Lee (nee Kirk) of 9 Milton Terrace Eton Street, Hull; born at Leicester.

William Mosely, age 36, Cook, born at Huddersfield.

John Richard Pawlett, age 41, Hull, Second hand, Husband of Sarah Pawlett of 10 Park Avenue, Gloucester Street Hull; born Boston.

Samuel Pennycad, age 39, Hull, Boatswain; son of John and Polly Pennycad; husband of Hetty pennycad (nee Watson) of 9 Airedale Terrace, Starlforth Place Hull; born Hull.

Thomas Jackson Smalley, age 36, Hull, Second Engineer, husband of Alice Jackson Smalley of 8 Milton Terrace, South Boulevard Hull; born Hull.

Enoch Watson, age 23, Hull, Spare hand, Son of William Edward Watson and the late Hester Watson; husband of Edith Watson (nee Spavin) of 158 Bean Street Hull; born Hull.

Herbert William Watts, age 20, Hull, Trimmer, son of Mrs Watts of 3 Gladys Terrace, Walcott Street, Hull.

Robert Wilson, age 31, Hull, Deck Hand, son of James and Elizabeth Wilson; husband of Mary Ellen Wilson (nee Wood) of 29 Strawberry Street, Hull; born Hull.