Sunday 18th October 1914




Monday  19th October 1914



Tuesday 20th October 1914





Wednesday  21st October 1914

 The Grimsby Trawlers GY 882  Lord Howick and GY 233  Oxford which had sailed for the fishing grounds in early September and which had not been heard of since were declared missing.

Casualties, all lost:

GY 233 Oxford:

J Rowse

J Sheldrake

W Webb

W Ware

R Turner

H Burgen

O Robinson

T Conroy

H Webster


GY 882 Lord Howick:

S Southwell

W Watts

J C Boil

T Rice

A J Brown

H Garner

J Mitchell

W Coleman

J Turner

A new trawler, the GY  Restrivo, arrived in Grimsby. She was built by Messrs Cook Welton and Gemmel to the order of G F Sleight and engined by Messers Holmes, Hull.

The new steam trawler, SN 121 Southern Prince, built by Joseph T Eltringham and Co., Ltd., Willington Quay to the order of Messrs The Prince Fishing Co., Ltd., (Richard Irvin, manager) of North Shields successfully ran her trials. This was the thirtieth Prince trawler delivered by Messers Eltringham.



Thursday 22nd October 1914


Friday 23rd October 1914

 William Hendry Moore, skipper of the Brixham smack BM 86 Alexandra reported having been stopped and boarded by armed sailors from a French Cruiser while fishing in the English Channel. His papers all being in order he was allowed to return to his fishing.



Saturday  24th October 1914

 The South Shields Mercantile marine Office receive a request from the Admiralty for engineers under the age of 30 for the Royal naval Reserve.