Sunday 11th October 1914

 When the crew of the sailing trawler George Barrow hauled her nets they found the body of Robert Adams, mate of the Lowestoft trawler Deo Gratias who had been lost overboard the previous Thursday.



Monday  12th October 1914



Tuesday 13th October 1914

 A celebratory dinner was held in Hull by the Presbytery of Yorkshire to mark the golden wedding of Mr and Mrs Cochrane, shipbuilder of Selby. Mr Cochrane is a native of Glasgow and an elder in the Presbytery




Wednesday  14th October 1914

 The Wick steam drifter WK 127 Laurelia rescued the crew of a disabled sea plane while on passage to Yarmouth. They towed the seaplane to withing four miles of Granton at which point its crew managed to get their engine restarted.



Thursday 15th October 1914

 The British cruiser HMS Hawke was attacked and sunk off the Scottish coast after stopping on patrol to inspect a foreign trawler. She sank quickly and most of her crew of 580 with her. A pinnace carrying 49 men was picked up by a Norwegian merchantman who transferred the men to the Aberdeen trawler A 488 Ben Rinnes, skipper, John Cormack who landed them in Aberdeen on the morning of 16th. Another 21 survivors were later picked up from a raft.

The British press were carrying reports  of German controlled trawlers acting in conjunction with U-boats to bring british naval ships to a halt allowing the German submarines a sitting duck target.

Friday 16th October 1914

 The Buckie Drifter BF 1396 Wallflower sank after hitting rocks at the entrance to Mallaig harbour. She had gone aground at high tide and the drifter BCK 86 Mary Bowie tried unsuccessfully to tow her off. Some time later she slipped off the rocks and sank in deeper water. The crew and much of their gear and belongings were saved.

The Hull trawler H Sealark went ashore in fog at Rattray Head. The Peterhead drifter PD Violet Flower went to her assistance but she got off under her own steam and proceeded to Aberdeen.



Saturday  17th October 1914

 The launch of the Aberdeen steam drifter SN 105 Isa from the yard of G Innes , Macduff, was reported. The vessel was built for Richard Irvin Aberdeen and was named by Mrs T Irvin. The report also indicated that boatbuilding in Macduff and Banff was almost at a standstill because of orders being cancelled on account of the War.

Messrs A Hall & Co Ltd., Aberdeen launched a new trawler to the order of Messrs Richard Irvin and Sons. The new vessel was named (SN 125 ) Ben Arthur.

The Grimsby trawler GY 269 Walpole went ashore a quarter of a mile West of Kinnaird Head. She laid out a couple of anchors and was heaved off by a number of Broadsea fishermen.