Sunday 20th September 1914




Monday  21st September 1914



Tuesday 22nd September 1914

 GY 454  Kilmarnock foundered 31 miles East of Spurn Head after striking mine. Six fishermen were lost.


T Harris, Skipper

Joseph Hestead, Second Engineer

Joseph McHoughlin, Deckhand

Edward Tilson, Deckhand

Simon Thomas, Trimmer

Dan Socer, Steward


John Frederick Tuthouse, Mate

John Risdale, Chief Engineer, who was badly injured

Samuel Brooks, Third Hand

At seven in the morning three Royal Navy cruisers, Aboukir, Cressy and Hogue foundered and sank in the space of ten minutes after striking mines. The sailing trawler of Lowestoft, skipper George Jacobs, which had seen and heard the explosions, cut his warps and  hurried to the rescue and picked up many of the survivors.


The herring drifter LT 1174 Young Linnet of Lowestoft landed 180 cran ( 720 baskets ) of herring at Scarborough and earned 360 gold sovereigns for their nights work. The Young Linnet was lost in the famous Battle of the Strait of Otranto in the Adriatic whilst on Admiralty duty as an Antisubmarine Net Vessel. The 'line' of requisitioned drifters and their reservists crews were attacked by and distinguished themselves against a vastly more powerful group of Austrian cruisers.



Wednesday  23rd September 1914

 GY 731  Rebono foundered 25 miles East by North of Spurn Head after striking a mine. One fisherman was lost.

Lost: Frederick William Brewster, Third Hand, age 39, son of Mr and Mrs Brewster, husband of Ann Eliza Dixon of 42 Taylor St., Grimsby; born Chelmsford.



Thursday 24th September 1914

The Aberdeen Trawler A 480 Strathmoray saved the London barge Perseus which was disabled in a gale off Thorpe Ness. In what was described as a great act of seamanship the trawler's crew managed to tow the Perseus into the safety of Harwich.

Friday 25th September 1914




Saturday  26th September 1914

 The latest addition to the Scarborough fleet arrive;. SH 59 Rosy Morn built by A Hall  and Co., Aberdeen,for the Dogger Bank Steam Trawling Company and to be skippered by J Heritage, a well known local skipper.

The Rosie Morn was lost after striking a mine near the Dogger Bank on 13th January 1916 whilst on Admiralty duties.