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Customs and Excise Register of Sea Fishing Boats
Port Letters & No: 
Owners & Port History
 PD 102
( chronological order)
Name:  As SN 35 Norham Castle  

1. Owner: Castle Trawl and Line Fishing Co., Ltd., North Shields until 1908 February 20th.

Norham Castle  
Official Number:  Port: North Shields  
109906 2. Owner: Richard Irvin and Sons Ltd., North Shields from 1908 February 20th., until 1913 May 27th.  

Port: North Shields


As PD 102 Norham Castle

1899 J MIller, St Monans 3. Owner: Rishard Irvin and Sons Ltd., North Shields 1913 to 1919.  
Type of Vessel: 

Port: Peterhead


As SN 3 Norham Castle

 Steam screw schooner, 1st class, trawl nets (changed to drift nets and lines), 8 men. 4. Owner: Peter Walker (Skipper), 19 Linskill (?) Terrace and Robert Norman Young, Sandringham Gardens, both North Shields.  
Dimensions: Port: North Shields.  
 92.2ft. loa., 19.4ft.b.,9.7ft.d. 5. Owner:   
Tonnage:  Port:   
  93.03grt., 21nrt., remeasured to 40.83nrt. 6. Owner:   
Propulsion:  Port:   
 Steam engine 31nhp.    

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 1915 to 1919      


1899 completed and registered SN 35 Norham Castle, November 7th.

1913 May 27th North Shields registry closed, vessel sold to Peterhead.

1913 May/June registered PD 102 Norham Castle.

1915 March on hire to Admiralty as stores and water carrier; Ad No 2499; fitted with one 3pdr. gun.

1919 returned to owners.

1919 June Peterhead registry closed, vessel sold to North Shields.

1919 July 3rd, registered SN 3 Norham Castle.

1920 November 22nd, registry closed, vessel totally lost, foundered in Broad Bay Lewis October 30th.