Sunday 13th September 1914

 John Murray the skipper of the Buckie sail boat BF 1703 Faithful was reported to have returned on Friday to report sighting a floating mine 10 miles off his home port.



Monday  14th September 1914

 Miss A Hope Robertson of 47 Inverleith Row Edinburgh wrote to the Editor of the Scotsman Newspaper appealing for donations of home knitted mitts, helmets, scarves and mufflers for the 'brave men of the Royal Navy and Reserves who were manning the Forth Mine Sweeping Trawlers.

The 'youthful' owner and crew of the Bridlington coble Hesperus were rescued by a Destroyer when they were caught in a sudden gale near their home port. They lost their sails and were dismasted. They were twice swept against rocks and then back out to sea. When found they were baling flat out and would not have lasted long.The rescued were: Herbert Hutchinson 16 (Skipper), Sydney Gilmour 18, Reginald Leighton 16 and Robert Leighton 15.


Tuesday 15th September 1914





Wednesday  16th September 1914

 The Granton trawler Inchkeith trawled up a bag of books and documents close to the site of the loss of HMS Pathfinder. The recovered documents were handed over to the Customs authorities.



Thursday 17th September 1914

 The trawler Fraser arrived at Hull and reported having seen another vessel, presumed to be a trawler, beeing blown up by a mine about three miles off shore. The Fraser hurried to the scene but no trace of the vessel or crew was found.

The Aberdeen trawler Ocean Prince arrived home with her bow badly damaged after a collision with a warship.

Friday 18th September 1914




Saturday  19th September 1914