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Tuesday  25th August 1914

 The German minelayer Albatros escorted by the light cruiser Stuttgart and a small TBF (Torpedo Boat Force) headed for the Tyne and a second group consisting of the minelayer Nautilus escorted by the light cruiser Mainz and a small TBF headed for the Humber. During this raid which would last into the 26th they captured and/or sank 16 British trawlers. The crews were all taken back to Germany as prisoners.

By the Tyne Minelaying Force

GY 518 Rhine by destroyers.

GY 1192 Harrier by V155

GY 93 Lobelia by V155

GY 1178 Valiant by V155 off Whitby

GY 1196 Mersey by V154

GY 72 Seti by V154


By the Humber Minelaying Force

BN 173 Kesteven 69 miles E by N of Inner Dowsing Light Vessel.

BN 174 Lindsey 70 miles ENE of Inner Dowsing Light Vessel.

BN 23 Porpoise 70 miles ENE of Inner Dowsing Light Vessel.

GY 277 Zenobia




Wednesday  26th August 1914

 By the Humber Minelaying Force

GY 105 Chameleon

GY 443 Pegasus

GY 1184 Pollux

GY 314 Rideo

GY 519 St Cuthbert 70 miles ENE of Spurn Head

GY 189 Argonaut captured and taken to Cuxhaven



Thursday 27th August 1914

BCK 145 Barley Rig, herring drifter, leaving Tynemouth for the fishing grounds struck mine layed by Albatross 32 miles East by South of Blyth. Five fishermen lost; the survivers were rescued by the Hull trawler St Clair.

Fishermen lost:

William Smith, skipper,9 Seafield Street Ianstown, Buckie.

William Smith jnr., cook, age 15, 9 Seafield Street, Ianstown, Buckie

Samuel Smith, mate, 2 King Street, Ianstown, Buckie

James Gray, fireman, Aberdeen.

Charles ?, chief engineer, Fraserburgh.

Survivors, all brothers of Ianstown, Buckie.

Alexander Clark

David Clark

Peter Clark

John Clark

A 421 Thomas W Irvin, Hired Trawler sunk by mine off the Tyne. The crew of the T W Irvin managed to launch their boat and were picked up by a british gunboat.



Henry W Millward, deck hand, North Shields

Robert H Sadler, trimmer, South Shields

George C Morris, deck hand, North Shields


Robert Waddell, chief engineer, North Shields

George Johnstone, second engineer, North Shields.

James Cruickshank, deck hand, North Shields

Frank Burford

Bertram Goodwin

A 350 Crathie, Hired Trawler sunk by mine off the Tyne.

Fishermen lost:

F G Dunbar, deckhand, 31 Jack's Brae, Aberdeen

T Noble, trimmer, 33 East North St., Aberdeen


Herbert H Cook, skipper, 284 Union Grove, Aberdeen

Arthur F M Baxter, deckhand, 26 North Square, Footdee, Aberdeen

Frank Munro, first engineer, 56 Jasmine Tce., Aberdeen


Alexander Y McKenzie, second hand, 31 Jack's Brae, Aberdeen

Percy H Coull, deckhand, c/o Mrs McCallum, 24 Bedford Rd., Aberdeen

Robert Beaton, second engineer, 7 Garvock St., Aberdeen

Frederick W Foster, deck hand, c/o Mrs Macintosh, 37 Castle Street, Aberdeen

An Icelandic trawler the Skealli Fogeti of Rekjvik, the Norwegian ship Gottfried and the Ena of Svenborg were lost in the same area. They lost a number of crewmen and the survivors were rescued by the herring drifter SN 184 Lottie Leask of North Shields and the trawler SD 130 Doreen (for further detail on the Doreen, courtesy of Tyne Built Ships, click on her name) of Sunderland. The Lottie Leask had earlier had to cut away a fleet of drift nets when they came uo carrying a mine.


Friday 28th August 1914




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