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Port Letters & No: 
Owners & Port History
 BV 23
( chronological order)

1. Owner: Bremen-Vegesacker Fischerei 1901 to 1914 August 6th

Official Number:  Port: Vegesack  
  2. Owner:   

Built: 1901 Bremer Vulkan, Vegesack

3. Owner:   
Type of Vessel:  Port:   
 Steam screw ketch, 1st class, 8 men, nets. 4. Owner:   
Dimensions: Port:   
   86.4ft.loa.,  21.4ft.b., 9.9ft.d. 5. Owner:   
Tonnage:  Port:   
  117.4grt., 60.0nrt. 6. Owner:   
Propulsion: Port:   
 Steam engine; 2cyl; by Vulkan; 70hp    

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Radio Call Sign:       
 1901 to 1914      


 1901 completed and registered BV 23 Welle

1914 August 6th., berthed in Aberdeen not knowing war had been declared. Vessel and crew arrested. Vessel made prize of war.

1914 to 1920 history not known

1920 registered in Whitby (as trading vessel?)

1929 wrecked.