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Customs and Excise Register of Sea Fishing Boats
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Owners & Port History
 AH 5
( chronological order)



As AH 5 Press Home  

1. Owner: David Cargill (Skipper) 16 South Street and Claude Swankie of 5 South Street both of Arbroath in the County of Forfar Fishermen and John Robertson St Monans in the County of Fife, Boatbuilder until 1908 December 14th.

Official Number:  Port: Arbroath  
  2. Owner: 1. Owner: David Cargill (Skipper) 16 South Street  Fisherman and John Robertson St Monans in the County of Fife, Boatbuilder from 1908 December 14th. until 1912 November 12th.  
 Built:  Port: Arbroath.  
1904 John Robertson, St Monans, Fife. 3. Owner: David Cargill (Skipper) 16 South Street  Fisherman from 1912 November 12th. until 1916 September 16th.  
Type of Vessel: 

Port: Arbroath


As AH 5 Agnes

 Lugger, Fifie, carvel, 1st class, 6 men, nets and lines. 4. Owner: Hugh Swankie of 8 High Street Arbroath, Fisherman from 1916 September 16th., until 1928 May 28th.  

Port: Arbroath


As SY 548 Agnes

  70.4ft. loa., 68.0ft lok., 21.8ft.b., 8.6ft.d. 5. Owner: Alexander McLeod Upper Bayble, Angus McLeod Lower Bayble, Malcolm Smith, Aird point and Donald Campbell Portnaguran Point in the Island of Lewis, Fishermen from 1928 May 28th until (? post 1938)  
Tonnage:  Port: Bayble  
 47.17nrt. 6. Owner: George Cunningham (by 1948)  
Propulsion:  Port: Stornoway  
 Lug rigged; foresail, jib and mizzen. Auxiliary motor, date not known.    

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 1917 to 1919      


 1904 completed and delivered

1904 registered March 18th., AH 5 Press Home.

1916 October 2nd., renamed AH 5 Agnes.

1917, May, on hire to Admiralty.

1918, May, temporarily renamed Angela

1919 returned to owners.

1928 May 28th., Arbroath registry closed vessel sold to Stornoway District.

1928 registered SY 548 Agnes

1948c Stornoway registry closed.