Number  LT 88

Name  Spotless Prince

Official Number  127612

Built  1908 J Chambers & Co., Ltd., Lowestoft

Owner and Port  Arthur Gouldby, Kessingland, Suffolk; Lowestoft.

Type of Vessel  Steam Drifter, Screw Ketch, 1st class, 10 men, nets.

Dimensions 84.4ft.,loa., 19.5ft b., 9.1ftd.  

Tonnage  85grt., 36nrt.

Propulsion  Steam Engine 25nhp.

Radio Call Sign  N/A

Years  1908 to 1916

1908 completed and registered LT 88 Spotless Prince.
1915, February, on hire to Admiralty as anti submarine net vessel; Ad No 1089.
1916, October 27th., sunk by German TBD’s in Dover Straits (she was one of six drifters sunk in the same attack)
1916 Registry closed