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Port Letters & No: 
Owners & Port History
BF 282
( chronological order)

1. Owner: J Wood of 432 Portknockie & others 1914

Official Number:  Port: Portknockie.  
123616 2. Owner:  
Built:  Port:  
1906 Carnegie and Mathews, Peterhead.     3. Owner:  
Type of Vessel:  Port:  
Steam screw Dandy,  1st class, 10 men,  nets. 4. Owner:  
Length:  Port:  
   84ft. loa., 18.8ft b., 9.4ft d. 5. Owner:  
Tonnage:  Port:  
   83grt., 29nt. 6. Owner:  
Engine Power:  Port:  

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Radio Call Sign:       
1906 to 1933         


   1906 completed and registered BF 282 Olive.

1915 August on hire to Admiralty as anti submarine net vessel; Ad No 2035; renamed OliveIII; fitted with one 6pdr., gun.

1920 returned to owners, name reverted to Olive.

1933 registry closed boat lost off Great Yarmouth.